Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning

kitchen duct cleaning in Malaysia

Every facility or building consists of food and beverage lots such as the canteen to cater people in the facility. Therefore, there are many restaurants, cafes, snacks and confectionery that can be found. They operate almost everyday, which signifies the volume of kitchen usage is quite high. This highlights the need to  kitchen duct cleaning in Malaysia to prevent grease clogging that can activate fire risk and unhygienic kitchen.

What Can Build Up In the Kitchen Exhaust System?

  • Fats & Grease
  • Oily Deposits
  • Dust
  • Smoke
  • Soot
  • Mould
  • Hazardous Chemicals

Dangers of Clogged Kitchen Exhaust System

  • Increased risk of fire spreading
  • Low efficiency of air suction
  • Increase in foul odours(spread throughout the mall)
  • Invalid of business insurance 
  • Contaminated food cause bad reputation
  • Reduce life span  of kitchen exhaust fan (increase in electricity consumption)

When Does My Kitchen Exhaust System Need Cleaning?

  • Visible dirt or grease on the kitchen hood and filters.
  • Duct is leaking.
  • Smoke and foul odour is not cleaning due to low suction of the exhaust fan.
  • The exhaust fan is making loud noises.

Our Process

01 - Pre inspection

– To understand the system, issues and recommendations given to clients to avoid unnecessary cost and work.

– Conduct pre visual and inspection of the kitchen exhaust system utilizing manual photographic inspection.

02 - Manpower arrangements

– To suit the recommendations and job as inspected.

03 - Commencement of work

Seal & cover all degreasing areas with plastic cover and canvas.

Kitchen Hood: To chemically clean & degrease exhaust hood, drainage pans both interior & exterior in accordance with NFPA Standards (Rule 96) and/or IKECA Standards with EPA approved chemical.

Kitchen Filters, Racks and Stainless Steel: To chemically clean & degrease stainless steel, filters and racks in accordance.

Exhaust Fan: To chemically clean and degrease exhaust fan & housing internally of all accumulated grease.

Kitchen Ducting Cleaning: Wear full PPE and Safety Harness for work on the rooftop.
-To clean and degrease all existing vertical and horizontal ductworks.
-To chemically clean & degrease all existing vertical and horizontal ductworks.

How Do We Do

Frequently Asked Questions

Grease, fats, and oil can accumulate and become a build-up that is attached to the kitchen filters, duct, and exhaust fan. The build-up will then cause a decrease in performance of the entire system. When the exhaust fan lowers in suction, the grease, fats, oil that accumulate in the duct will probably melt down and fall into the food that you cooked, and the food odour will linger in the area or most probably in the entire facilities. 

Hygiene. That is the main point of having kitchen exhaust cleaning in the first place. Especially in food and beverages industries, hygiene is crucial to be addressed, as hygiene also equals health related for individuals. 


Kitchen Usage

Up to 6 Hours

6-12 Hours

12-16 Hours

16+ Hours


Every 12 Months

Every 12 Months

Every 6 Months

Every 6 Months


Every 12 Months

Every 6 Months

Every 4 Months

Every 4 Months


Every 6 Months

Every 3 Months

Every 3 Months

Every 2 Months

Yes. When kitchen exhaust system performance is being maintained, it will allow the system performance to operate at its optimal efficiency. Thus, it will less probably reduce any troubleshooting or problems that will require much cost utilization.   

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