Air Duct Cleaning

Air Duct Cleaning in Malaysia

Ductwork forms part of a ventilation system that is used to distribute air through heating, venting and air conditioning systems (HVAC) in commercial properties.

What Can Possibly Be Wrong With My Concealed Air Duct?

An enormous piece of your ductwork is concealed away, however far out shouldn’t mean out of psyche. With regards to ductworks, having an air duct inspection performed will keep your costs down and the system running efficiently. If you’ve noticed any of the following circumstances and conditions, it’s a good idea to inspect your air ducts:
Debris build up inside
Seals loosened up
Insulation torn
Damages (minor or big) to the ducts
Rodents or pests nested inside
A foul odor coming from the ducts due to mold

Our Approach

Plans & Layout Study

Cleaning is performed by utilizing pneumatic air and brushing the system then sanitizing the air duct.

Blower Cleaning & Treatment

Pre visual and robotic inspection of the ductworks by utilizing robotic inspection systems and photographic cameras.


Operatives perform inspection of blower unit, remove filters and perform cleaning of blower fan and surrounding area.

Air Duct Cleaning & Treatment

HVAC Plans/Building Plans/ Building Layout Plans were studied prior to inspection to identify work areas and gain important information to establish scope of work.

Air Duct Cleaning & Treatment

HVAC Plans/Building Plans/ Building Layout Plans were studied prior to inspection to identify work areas and gain important information to establish scope of work. We offer affordable air duct cleaning services for restaurant in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Inspect First Before Cleaning!!

Seeing all the above defects might surprise you, hence why, prior to the air duct cleaning, air duct inspection is necessary to know what’s in your air duct and to avoid unnecessary work that comes with unnecessary costs and of course time consuming.

ACMV System

The NADCA’s Standard for Assessment, Cleaning, and Restoration of ACMV Systems recommends that air duct inspections be performed once a year for industrial and office buildings, as well as factories and shopping malls. During haze, fog, and thunderstorm seasons, dirt and harmful particles of poisonous gases are left behind, particularly in a wet and humid country like Malaysia. Until washed, these toxic tiny particles accumulate into a building’s ductwork and ACMV system, where they are recirculated in the workplace.

Cleaning Schedule

Cleaning the HVAC duct system once a year is needed to improve air quality. IAQ Diagnostics will include a full range of Air Duct Cleaning to make cleaning your air conditioning ventilation system a breeze, including cleaning the air duct or circular(round) duct tubing. Here we provide, advanced technology equipments such as mechanical robot brush to fully clean HVAC systems and ductwork,and let customers see all the dust, dirt, debris, and allergens in the duct are being gathered, removed, and suctioned,to ensure that your building or space has excellent air quality.

Our Process

Frequently Asked Questions

Efficiently cleaned and disinfected ductwork has been recognized to reduce mold, fungi, pollen, bacteria, viruses, and dust particles. These pollutants are known to trigger allergies, asthma, and various other health problems. By decreasing the contaminants in the ductwork, you are allowing the air that flows throughout your building to be cleaner, and therefore healthier.

There are various types of equipment used for different types of work scenarios. We currently have the technology of pneumatic brushing, air whips and compressed air. Enabling us to perform air duct cleaning on any surface and dimension of ductwork.

IAQ Diagnostics is currently the largest duct cleaning company in Malaysia. Our equipment inventory enables us to clean up to 100000 sq ft of ductwork in 8 hours.

The best way to determine if the service was effective is to review the before and after images, videos of the duct cleaning process. Another way would be to perform a visual inspection of the ductwork after cleaning. If you notice any debris/contamination, the cleaning was not effective and unprofessionally done.

Research by National Air Duct Cleaners Association (NADCA) has demonstrated that a duct cleaning may result in energy savings.

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