Cleanroom and Performance Testing

Cleanrooms are crucial in ensuring contamination-free manufacturing environments for mission-critical procedures. A responsibly managed cleanroom testing and certification procedure is critical to the correct operation and maintenance of cleanrooms, as well as regulatory compliance.

Cleanroom performance testing is thus critical to the Cleanroom facility’s final acceptance, and only once the operating parameters have been verified can the actual “product” be made.

What are the tests that a cleanroom can participate in?

Primary Test

Airflow Velocity Test / Airflow Volume Test
HEPA Filter Leak Test
Airborne Particle Count Test
Room Pressurization Test

Secondary Test

Airflow Parallelism, Room Recovery Test, Light Intensity Test, Sound Level Test, Vibration Test, Temperature & Relative Humidity Test, Electrostatic Test, Conductivity Test


Calibration of Clean Air Devices
Microbial Test

Frequently Asked Questions

The National Environmental Balancing Bureau (NEBB) is a non-profit international organization that certifies businesses and certifies supervisors and personnel in the cleanroom and performance testing.

National Environmental Balancing Bureau (NEBB) is an organization that is responsible for standard guidelines to ensure that the product being manufactured and produced in the Cleanroom facility is appropriately protected within the “clean” environment that is conducted by a suitably qualified and certified independent testing agency by NEBB.

Cleanroom performance testing to ensure that the Cleanroom was constructed according to specifications, that the running “clean” system is functioning properly, and that the many parameters defined, such as airborne particle counts, air velocity, room pressurization, temperature, and relative humidity, to mention a few, match the established acceptance requirements.

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