Air Duct Disinfection

Air Duct Disinfection in Malaysia

Air Duct Disinfection

Studies have shown that Coronavirus is airborne and scientists have called for ventilation systems to be overhauled like public water supplies to prevent the spread of the virus. For this reason, IAQ Facility Services introduces our air duct disinfection services. Cleaner indoor air won’t just fight the pandemic but also minimise the risk of catching flu and other respiratory infections. Avoid these germs and their associated sickness, and productivity losses altogether. Disinfecting your ventilation and filtration systems in addition to cleaning your air ducts will bring extra benefits to your commercial facilities.

Benefits of Air Duct Disinfection


Prevent the spread of viruses such as COVID-19 and aggravated respiratory diseases


Improve efficiency of the ventilation system

Air Quality

Better indoor air quality

How We Operate


Identify the location of the air duct.


Cover work areas.


Remove HEPA Filter and install plastic sheet at outlet


Create and install access panels based on air duct system layout plans.


Disinfect air duct system-utilizing duct coating technique.


Perform post air duct inspection upon completion of works.


Re- install access doors and diffusers.


Tag out the Air Conditioning System unit and run a performance test.

What are the differences between Air Duct Cleaning and Air Duct Disinfection?

Cleaning vs Disinfection

Air Duct Cleaning

Air Duct Disinfection

Air Duct Disinfection in Malaysia

Frequently Asked Questions

Our disinfectant has a 6 log or 99.9999% kill rate. The disinfectant we use has been approved by the country’s regulatory authorities which also complies with the EPA regulations. This solution is highly efficacious and proven to eliminate bacteria, as well as viruses and fungi. We work with our customers to find the best product to suit their needs.

The most appropriate personal protection equipment (PPE), such as N95 masks, goggles, coveralls, nitrile gloves and rubber boots are used by our team for disinfection. They are widely trained to minimise hazards in exposed environments, including:

  • Personal protection and proper use of PPE
  • Protecting against injury to sharp objects
  • Implement adequate procedures for decontamination
  • Practise good hygiene, such as regular, thorough washing of hands

There are many types of buildings and facilities, those with a large number of people coming into contact with people carrying the virus will require more frequent treatments to ensure the safety of occupants. The entities must disinfect their properties before reopening and will depend on local government guidance and requirements for public health. In compliance with recommendations from local public health authorities, we follow these practices in their entirety.

Our disinfection cost is based on the size, the type of facility and the type of service required for the building or area to be treated. We will first have to conduct an inspection of your premises and discuss the appropriate service level for you before we can estimate the costs. Contact our team, to organise a meeting with one of our specialists and of course, the best price.


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