Warehousing is the method of storing physical products prior to selling or distributing them further and known to have loading docks for loading and unloading goods from trucks. Occasionally, warehouses are constructed specifically for the purpose of loading and unloading goods directly from railways, airports, or seaports. They also employ cranes and forklifts to transport goods, which are usually loaded onto ISO standard pallets and stored in pallet racks. Agricultural, processing, and production-related raw materials, packaging materials, spare parts, components, and finished products are all examples of stored goods. As the warehouse is a large store that occupies a few goods or products, the need to maintain and retain the quality of the goods and products is crucial. Some of the product quality is overly sensitive and needs extra care, with the right humidity to retain the quality standard. Hence why the warehouse addresses the need of having maintenance on the areas, such as the lake pond, pallet, management office, prayers room, meeting room, and showroom. Some warehouses also have a kitchen if they provide the employees with a canteen.

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