Water Balancing

Water Balancing Services in Malaysia

Water Balancing

Similar to how living things need regular water balancing to retain their life cycles, so do the HVAC systems through efforts of maintenance and improvements.

HVAC systems require balancing to operate efficiently and extend their life span. As many commercial facilities utilise centralised systems air conditioning, water is one of the most crucial components as it becomes the driving force for the HVAC system to operate.

What is Water Balancing?

Water balancing ensures all units in your system achieve their design flow rate with minimum pump head energy, with chilled water passing through coils to provide better cooling comfort. The costs of such a design may be high, but because it provides long-term energy savings, it’s worth the investment to reduce unnecessary costs and labour for peace of mind. Testing and Balancing is conducted on an HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) system to ensure the installed system complies with the mechanical consultant’s design. A common design for centralised air conditioning systems in our region will cool the air via water coils, which cools the space more efficiently.


Includes line walk on-site and refers to the latest mechanical drawings and design

Verify installed equipment

Verify installed valves

Clarify duty and standby pump status

Ensure coils are clean, as dirty coils prevent the system from cooling the air efficiently

Our Equipment

Our Equipment

Our Process

Water Balancing Process

Our solution: Compensated Manual Balancing Method

The technician at the reference valve gives instruction to technician at the partner valve to open or close the system via 2-way radio to maintain design flow. Meanwhile, the 3rd technician moves through the branch to adjust coil flows.

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