When it comes to the effectiveness of disinfection strategy, there is no room for compromise. At the same time, your disinfection system must be able to achieve results at a cost you can afford.

The Halo Disinfection System® is validated to kill 99.9999% of C. difficile spores and ensures a uniform kill rate throughout every room. The system combines this industry leading sporicidal efficacy with low cost of ownership and ease of use to deliver the greatest value in whole room disinfection on the market today.

Halosil’s Five Star, Six Log Approach to Whole Room Disinfection.

Kills 99.9999%

of resistant C. difficile spores, even in areas beyond human or UV reach.

Safely decomposes

into water, oxygen and non-toxic silver complexes.

Empowers staff

with intuitive operator controls and a simple, no rinse and no wipe formula.

Reduces operating costs

with a maintenance-free design and affordable disinfectants.


to position dispensing nozzle assembly to maximize aerosol coverage within vehicles and spaces.

The Dry Fogging Technology Redefining Emergency Vehicle Disinfection.

The Formula

Using hydrogen peroxide and ionic silver, Halosil’s proprietary HaloMist™ formula applies two mechanisms of killing action to destroy a broad spectrum of microorganisms and provide antimicrobial qualities for maximum impact.

The Delivery

The HaloFogger® generates a turbulent aerosol that uses evaporation to ensure the uniform delivery of HaloMist™ throughout complex spaces—even in areas beyond the reach of humans and UV lights. HaloFogger’s dry aerosol is safe for use around electronic equipment.

The Results

The Halo Disinfection System® is validated to kill a diverse range of spores, bacteria, fungi, and viruses. Specific kill claims can be found below.

Our Process

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