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Halosil’s HaloMist™ disinfectant solution is on the EPA’s List N, List Q and List K: disinfectants approved effective against COVID-19, Monkeypox and C. diff. When a rare or novel virus emerges, there are not many disinfectants that are tested and registered for use against a particular pathogen. Hence the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) enacts the Emerging Viral Pathogen (EVP) guidance in the event of an outbreak. It allows disinfectant manufacturers to demonstrate their product’s efficacy in deactivating a specific pathogen by submitting their evidence to the EPA.

Studies have shown that COVID-19 is spread through airborne particles and droplets, whereas Monkeypox virus can lie on surfaces. A whole room disinfectant solution like HaloMist™ will help reach areas beyond what electrostatic sprayers, air purifiers, spray-and-wipe systems, and UV lights cannot do. Halosil’s inclusion on the EVP lists confirms Halomist’s status as an effective, leading and reliable disinfectant solution against emerging pathogens.

Halosil’s Five Star, 6-Log Approach to Whole Room Disinfection

Kills 99.9999%

of resistant C. difficile spores, even in areas beyond human or UV reach.

Safely decomposes

into water, oxygen and non-toxic silver complexes.

Empowers staff

with intuitive operator controls and a simple, no rinse and no wipe formula.

Reduces operating costs

with a maintenance-free design and affordable disinfectants.


to position dispensing nozzle assembly to maximize aerosol coverage within vehicles and spaces.

Our Dry Fogging Technology

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