Sports Facilities

Sports facilities include pavilions, parks, gymnasiums, fitness spas, boxing arenas, swimming pools, roller and ice rinks, and bowling alleys. In these sports facilities, the public gathers to exercise, compete, or watch sports. Bacteria and hazardous pollutants will be in the air due to continuing activity. Sweat, CO2, and poisons are also expelled. A damp, high-traffic environment encourages mold growth and harbours athlete-related diseases like Staph and MRSA. Athletes commonly share equipment, underscoring the need for regular disinfection.


Several sports facilities, such as an ice hall, have stricter ventilation and air quality regulations. Special heating and cooling needs. Monitoring its ventilation systems for moisture and temperature is difficult. IAQ Facility Services helps. We specialize in indoor air quality and ventilation for sports facilities. Other specialized services include:

Solutions for Sports Facilities

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