“Is Your Workplace Ready to Welcome Your Employee?”

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Pandemic. Pandemik. I am sure it is a common word now especially during these times of hardships. But what happens after the pandemic or Movement Control Orders? Is our workplace ready and safe for employees? What do you have to do? Standard of Operations? These are the common questions on the back of the mind of employers.

To start with, I am sure we all know common SOPs such as temperature checks, wearing masks, distancing, entry codes and most importantly disinfection of office surroundings. If you felt disinfection is not as crucial, then here’s some facts for you to know.

Regular routine wiping or cleaning methods are not effective to fully kill the germs and viruses. The virus may be reduced but unlikely to be destroyed. A stronger solution required to destroy the germs and viruses. A keyway you can protect workers from the risk of exposure to COVID-19 is by implementing appropriate cleaning and disinfecting measures for your workplace. A combination of cleaning, sanitizing and disinfection will be most effective in removing the COVID-19 virus. 

So, you cleaned your office’s surroundings then what about the air you are breathing? This is when air duct inspections come in. In fact, these systems should be treated as if reopening day is their first day in operation. You never know, after so long if the debris has built up inside or maybe rodents or pests nested. Thus, do not wait longer to provide a safe environment for your employees, get a plan for Indoor Air Quality assessment, disinfection, and proper air cleaning technologies which ensures the health and safety of building occupants.

So, what happens if you just disinfect your workspace but not the virus or dirt in your air ducts? Will the dirty air duct be pushed to your air space when it operates again? I’m saying that your workspace is not ready if you just disinfect your workspace but not what’s hiding in your air duct.

Save your questions till my next blog!

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